So, what's inside the Denver DVD-141 DVD-player? It seems to be almost the same player as the EuroLine 6642M.

All these pictures are from my friends Denver DVD-141, so yours may not look exactly the same inside.

This is the inside of the Denver DVD-141. DVD-drive to the left, a board for the IC's in the middle and the power supply board to the right. At the top (a bit to the left) there is a small card for the SCART-socket.
There is also a small PCB on the lower right that holds the circuits for the phones output.


IC board

The PCB that hosts all the IC's in the DVD-141 looks like this:

PCB of the Denver DVD-141.

Here is a list of components and their function on the board above:

IC Function
MediaTek MT1369AE DVD-Player Servo/Decoder/ÁP chip
AVS Technology AV3168 NTSC/PAL Video encoder
MediaTek MT1336E DVD-Player RF Amplifier chip
2 x ESMT M12L16161A-7T 512K x 16Bit x 2Banks Synchronous DRAM (143 MHz)
SST 39VF080 8Mbit (1M x 8) Flash memory
ROHM BA5954FP CD/DVD-ROM Motor/Actuator Driver
Cirrus Logic CS4340-KS 24-Bit, 96-KHz Stereo D/A Converter for Audio
ST C4558 Wide Bandwidth Bipolar Operational Amplifiers
Atmel 24C02N 256x8 Serial EEPROM

If anyone has the datasheets for the MediaTek or ROHM BA5954FP circuits, it would be great if you could send them to me.



The DVD-drive is not a standard IDE DVD-drive as it is in many DVD players. It seems to be similair as the ones in the 6620/6650 / 6632/6652 players. This drive was marked with http://www.asatech.cc, which seems to be the manufacturers of the drive.

The DVD-drive with the tray closed.
The DVD-drive with the tray open.

If you look closer at the DVD-drive, there seems to be very few IC's on the drive itself. So all the IC's needed to control the drive is located on the big IC board.

Here is a closer look at the DVD head. I have taken this picture with the camera located right over the SCART-socket.
This is another photo of the DVD head from a different angle.


Power Supply

Not much to say, it's a power supply with all the things that a power supply usually have:

The PS in the Denver DVD-141. To the right you can see the small PCB that holds the circuits for the phones output.



There is also a small PCB that contains the SCART-socket.

The SCART has stereo audio output and a choice of RGB or Composite video output (RGB or composite is chosen in the setup menu of the player).


If anyone has any more information about the hardware in the Denver DVD-141, or can tell me if I have made any errors on this page, please contact me.

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