So, what's inside the NorthQ 7000/7100?

Most of these pictures are from my own NorthQ 7100, so yours may not look exactly the same inside.

This is the inside of my NorthQ 7100. DVD-drive (lower left), holder for the hard-drive bay (lower right), TV tuner (upper left), PCB with all the IC's and the power supply (upper right).


IC board

The PCB that hosts all the IC's in the NorthQ 7100 looks like this:

To top side of the IC board of my NorthQ 7100.
To bottom side of the IC board.

Here is a list of IC's and their function on the board above:

IC Function
ESS VideoDrive ES6028F DVD Decoding/System control
ESS ES7010F MPEG2 AV encoder chip
2 x SI IC42516400-7T 64Mbit (1M x 16 bits x 4 banks) SDRAM
StarRam 4MX16T2-7 or
64Mbit (4Mx16) SDRAM
Lattice isp2032VE Lattice isp2032VE programmable logic
AMD Am29F080B 8 Megabit (1M x 8bit) 5.0V Uniform Sector Flash Memory
Philips SAA7114H PAL/NTSC/SECAM video video capture device
Philips 74LVC138AD 3-to-8 line decoder/demultiplexer, inverting
Philips 74HC273D Octal D-type flip-flop with reset, positive-edge trigger
Philips 74HC14D Hex inverting Schmitt trigger
Philips 74LVC139D Dual 2-to-4 line decoder/demultiplexer
Philips 74HC04D Hex inverter
3 x ST C4558 Wide Bandwidth Dual Bipolar Operational Amplifier
Atmel AT24C01A 1K (128 x 8bit) 2-Wire Bus Serial EEPROM
Atmel AT89C2051 8-bit 8051 compatible microcontroller with 2KB Flash, 128 bytes of RAM and 15 I/O lines
Wolfson WM8746EDS 24-bit, 192kHz 6-Channel DAC With Volume Control
Wolfson WM8739 Low Power Stereo Audio ADC
ICS MK2703S MK2703 PLL Audio Clock Synthesizer
Fairchild CD4052BCM Dual 4-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer

If anyone has any more interesting information about the IC's above, feel free to contact me.



I don't know if the IDE DVD-drive in the NorthQ 7000/7100 is a standard IDE DVD-drive or not. I think that it is since it has a standard IDE cable connected to the IC board, but I am not sure. This is how it looks:

The DVD-drive with the tray closed.
The DVD-drive with the tray open.


Input PCB

There is also a PCB that contains all the inputs to the player. It is located below the main PCB.

From left to right: AV2/AV1 composite in (white), S-Video in (silver), AV2/AV1 audio in (red) and SCART in/out (black).


TV tuner

To be able to watch TV, there is a need for a TV-tuner:

This is the TV-tuner in the NorthQ 7000/7100 with the shielding lid still attached.
The TV-tuner again, but without the lid.

The TV-tuner has a Philips TDA9800 inside. According to Philips it is a "VIF-PLL demodulator and FM-PLL detector". If anyone is interested, the datasheet for it can be found here.


Front Panel display

On the front of the NorthQ, there is a display that shows information about what goes on. This is the hardware that makes it tick:

The IC card that holds the display. The display is a HNVC06SC05 Vacuum Fluorescent Display from Samsung SDI.
On the left you can see the infrared receiver, on the right the operate/standby LED, and the connector for the ribbon-cable that connects the card to the rest of the machine.
The same card but with the fluorescent display unsoldered. The IC that controls the display (in the middle) is a SM16312T Driver IC from SamHop.
The backside of the display IC does not contain much, as you can see.

These photos are not from my own NorthQ. Another guy disassembled his NorthQ, took pictures of the display unit, unsoldered the display from the board, took some more photos, and sent them to me! Thanks for the work, especially the unsoldering that revealed the SamHop IC!


Power Supply

Not much to say, it's a power supply with all the things that a power supply usually have:

The power supply.


Remote Control

The remote control is also possible to disassemble:

The top side of the PCB in the remote control contains just one unmarked IC.
The bottom side of the PCB contains one transistor (S9014), four capacitors, one resistor and the infrared LED.

These pictures are from the same guy who took the pictures of the front display panel on this page. Thanks!


If anyone has any more information about the hardware in the NorthQ 7000/7100, or can tell me if I have made any errors on this page, please contact me.


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