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I have tested another DVD-player, a Denver DVD-141.

I also updated the EuroLine 6720M overview a bit, with some information that was sent to me about its capabilities.


Someone sent me the hack for the EuroLine 6720M player (Thanks!), so I included the 6720M player in the menu to the left. There is no more information for the 6720M than this hack.


It's time to expand the site with some information about Denver DVD-players. A friend of mine bought a Denver DVD-176, and it turned out to be almost the same player as the EuroLine 6642M, except that the DVD-176 also contained a built-in Dolby Digital decoder. So I thought that I should expand the site a bit to include information about this player.

I also corrected small typos here and there on the site.


I am afraid that I was a bit to hasty when I tested MP3 on the EuroLine 6642M. I have done some more tests and have encountered some problems with the sound quality:

I don't know what's causing this, but I have not heard these problems on any of the other players I have tested. It is very noticeable, and rather annoying! I am usually not very pick about MP3's, but even I couldn't miss these quality problems.


I bought a new DVD-player again . It is a EuroLine 6642M. I have updated the site with information about it.

I also corrected some small errors I found on some pages, nothing big, mostly spelling and small typos.


I have tested the EuroLine/United DVD-players with AC3/DTS data streams burned on a regular data CD. The results can be viewed on the Compatibility pages for each player.

I also tested the players capabilities to downmix AC3 and DTS DVD-audio to regular 2-channel stereo sound that can be listened to from the analog audio outputs on the back of the players. The result can be viewed on the Overview pages for each player. Basically the result was that all the players I tested (3155, 6632 and 6652) except one (the 6620) was able to downmix both AC3 and DTS to 2-channel stereo.

One more thing that I discovered and find a bit odd, is that both the 3155 and 6652 seems to have a built-in DTS-decoder! This confuses me a bit as it doesn't say so anywhere in the manual or on the box the players are delivered in. But when I play a video-DVD with DTS audio, I get sound on all 6 analog outputs on the back of the player. I don't know if there is some other explanation for this than a built-in DTS-decoder. Any ideas?


I updated the site with some hack instructions for the EuroLine 6675 and 6722M. I have not verified these myself, but hopefully they work as they should!


A friend of mine has bought the "Official VCDHelp.com PAL/NTSC Demo Video-CD", and have helped me to test the players that I have access to with that VCD. The results can be viewed on the VCD compatibility test pages for each player.

I have also tried to make the pages a bit more Netscape 4 friendly, but as there seems to be a lot of compatibility problems with Netscape 4 and stylesheets, I cannot make these pages 100% Netscape 4 compatible. Sorry about that!


I am sorry for how the site looks when you view it in Netscape. It looks OK in Internet Explorer, but not that good in Netscape (and perhaps other browsers too). I'll try to fix that as soon as I get some time over!


I have finally made some restructuring of the site. Hopefully I can now add information about more EuroLine/United DVD players when I like to do so.

This is what has been changed:

Well, that's about it. I'm sure that I have managed to get some links wrong when I changed all this, so if you find errors somewhere, please tell me.


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